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The Balance of Power Breakthrough Workshop is a 9-part online study program, which details the astonishing findings of Rory Kilmartin’s 12-year research project into Power Dynamics.


This online Breakthrough Workshop reveals the hidden determinants of the human psyche, liberating people from confusion and mystery in their relationships and lives.


We introduce this research below in the following categories:
 The Problems

The Pain

The Solution 

The Benefits

The Problems

During his research Rory Kilmartin identified the following major problems people experience in life.

  • Ineffective Communication

    The vast majority of people experience ineffective communication with their partners, especially when voicing frustration, disappointment or disagreement. Ineffective Communication produces the exact opposite result. Instead of bringing clarity and agreement, people become defensive, oppositional and uncooperative.

  • Breakdowns, Arguments & Fights

    Ineffective Communication leads either to less communication and emotional distance, or to increasingly dysfunctional breakdowns, arguments and fights. Emotional distance and fighting erodes the psychological safety of the partnership, creating distrust, animosity and polarisation.

  • Disconnection & Misery

    At this stage, neither person is in sync with the other, there is disconnection, confusion and a loss of trust. This is the central reason why relationships between kind well-meaning people can become utterly miserable.

  • Loss of Love and Personal Power

    The problem with the loss of love and companionship is the corresponding loss of personal power. Some people retreat, afraid to open up and love again, lost and confused by what happened. Some people employ false confidence, jump straight into a new relationship and hope the past does not repeat itself. In nearly all instances, people proceed without understanding the hidden drivers of human behaviour that created the breakdown and loss of love in the first place.

The Pain

These problems create the following major sources of pain in people's lives.

  • Dysfunctional Relationships

    Once people are disconnected and polarised by the confusion of their ineffective communications, soul violations become commonplace and normal. Dysfunctional relationships cause misery the world over and are the source of staggering amounts of depression, loss of personal power and worse…

  • Traumatised Children

    Children raised in homes with dysfunctional and disconnected parents are rarely unaffected. Children are sensitive to the emotional safety their parents provide long before they can even speak. As children grow up they can see, hear, sense and feel the pain of mean, non-loving interactions. For people who yearn to raise their children in a happy home, the impact of dysfunctional relationships is traumatic for children and adults alike

  • Desperation and Divorce

    Long term disconnection, meanness and repeated soul violations lead people to a life of quiet desperation and loneliness, or bitter Divorce and separation.

  • Long-Term Impact

    The impact of repeated meanness, loss of love and tenderness, post relationship judgement, blame, shame and hatred is immeasurable and often impacts people for the rest of their lives.

The Solution

These problems and associated pain are dramatically reduced by the following essential information, revealed in the Balance of Power Breakthrough Workshop.

  • Survival Archetypes

    During Rory’s research he observed and discovered there are four Survival Archetypes, which people are either born with or are driven into as a result of disruptive energy from their primary caregivers. Once understood, these four Survival Archetypes reveal the hidden drivers of the human psyche and immediately demystify vast amounts of confusion within relationships.

  • Power Dynamics

    Due to the differences between the four Survival Archetypes a Dynamic Tension exists between them. When you combine the knowledge of the Survival Archetypes, their differences and the tension that exists between them, the world of power dynamics is revealed with astonishing clarity. Clouds of confusion, mystery, pain and suffering disintegrate and are replaced with glorious clarity and resolution. 

  • Effective Communications

    The result of this profound work is the capacity to have effective communications with your partner and the people who matter to you the most. With this new understanding you will begin to speak to and respond to the people you care about with whole new levels of effectiveness. Frustration, dysfunction and disconnection will be replaced with cooperation, trust & connection. Effective communications build trust and lead to deeper connection and intimacy.

  • Reclaiming Your Centre

    The purpose of all of this is not just vastly improved relationships, it is the full reclamation of your Personal Power. The Survival Archetypes, their Dynamic Tension and the World of Power Dynamics all lead to effective communication and retaining your centre under pressure. As you begin to live from this information you begin the essential work of reclaiming your centre.
    This provides not only a happier and more fulfilling life but is the gateway to your full potential in love and life.

The Benefits

How does this information actually Benefit people in their day to day lives?

  • Shorter Breakdowns and Less Suffering

    The power of this work leads to a noticeable reduction in the frequency, duration and intensity of breakdowns and disconnections. Once you understand the hidden determinants of the human psyche through the survival archetypes you will be empowered to navigate breakdowns with clarity and effectiveness. This leads to fewer of them and they are shorter and less intense.

  • Improve ALL Your Relationships

    The Balance of Power Breakthrough Workshop will improve ALL your relationships. Your relationship with your intimate partner will begin to improve immediately, irritations with your family and friends will reduce immediately, and if you are a parent your ability to connect and speak with your children will improve for the betterment of them and your entire family.

  • More Happiness and Fulfilment

    As a result, you and the people you care about most will be happier, feel safer, and feel closer to you. With less breakdowns you will have more cooperation, more connection, which frees up this wasted energy to deal with and navigate the stresses of life outside your relationships. This creates greater happiness and fulfilment for you and your life.

  • The Best Version of You

    With the wasted energy of confusing breakdowns now freed-up, you will spend more time grounded in your centre making better decisions. This enables you to harness and direct your energy and attention to raise your effectiveness at work, enjoy your hobbies and 

    relationships, and improve your life overall. Put simply, you have a fighting chance of winning in life, and becoming the best version of you.

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